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Auto Focus Binoculars from Killerdeals In a world that's complicated enough, the affordably priced Perma-Focus binoculars are a relief for simple, fixed-focus, long-distance viewing. The wider field-of-view makes them ideal for spectator sports, distant wildlife observation or fast moving erratic objects. The rubberized grips make them robust and sturdy and easy to handle with gloves, making them ideal for hunting and use in marine and military environments. High quality fully-coated optics makes for incredibly bright and crisp viewing. Less moving parts means they are much easier to make and therefore tend to be more cost effective than other binoculars. Less moving parts means less chance of something breaking or damaging inside the binoculars. The binoculars are also 100% dustproof, which makes them ultra-durable and extends the product life greatly. The auto focus capability of the binoculars enables the viewer to instantly focus on any moving object at any distance from 12m to 1000m. No zooming or adjusting neccesary. Focus free binoculars tend to have a good deep field of view.


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